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Ladyjane’s Brand Makeover Party


Your industry is like a dinner party.

Not just any dinner party, but one with a very carefully-curated guest list of very different characters and personalities.

There might be a trustworthy doctor ready with advice, a glamorous socialite talking about the latest trends, a radical activist ready to recruit you to their cause and a daring explorer sharing adventure stories, all mingling together.

Take a FREE quiz and discover your brand’s personality!

Will your brand stand out?

Your customers are walking into the party as first-time guests. They’re all alone and they are looking for the first friendly face. Brands with an intentionally-designed, and well-inhabited brand character are the most irresistible to their characters.

Stand out. Sell more.

Discover your Brand Character. Makeover your brand. Become irresistible to your customers.

Brand Archetype Quiz

Identify the Archetype that best fits your brand. Use the universal qualities of the Archetypes to build and maintain a consistent brand.

DIY & Consulting

Take yourself through the Brand Discovery Process, then consult with a strategist or designer.
Great for bootstrapping entrepreneurs with small budgets.

Full-service Branding & Design

Too busy to tackle this on your own? We can take care of all your branding & design needs from start to finish. 
Great for companies with mid-sized budgets.

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