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Which role should your brand play
in the story of your industry?

Find out which Archetype fits your brand best.

Archetypes are an effective branding “short-cut.” They embody elements of a universal human experience. Applying those elements to your brand helps potential customers identify and understand you. Instantly. Successful brands intentionally define and inhabit their Brand Archetype, becoming irresistible to their customers.

Ladyjane has developed 16 Archetypes, specifically for the cannabis industry, to help you strategically define your role. Because it’s the well-defined brands that stand out and sell more.

Get yours with the Ladyjane Brand Archetype Quiz.

Ladyjane says...

Use your Archetype, or Brand Character to help you strategically define your brand. And then you are well on your way to becoming irresistble to your customers.

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